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Casa DeLaRosa

A jungle Hideaway that speaks to your soul

~ Escape the clamor of the world to discover the beauty of the Jungle

~ Immerse in a state of relaxation & rejuvenation
~ Experience inspiration & transformation

~ Support local communities



Connie Delgado and Theresa Rose met over twenty years ago at a small Hermitage Retreat in northern Minnesota known as Dwelling in the Woods. Over the years, together, they invisioned creating an intentional healing space in the Yucatan jungle of Mexico.

Connie, a chef and caterer, has been hosting Yucatan retreats since 1983. There was born the idea of creating a community supported retreat. Theresa, a contractor with over 50 years’ experience, has always lived in-one with nature. Building a nature retreat in Mexico became her dream as well.

In only 18 month, combining their talents & resources, Connie and Theresa realized their dream. Completely off-the-grid main house, Casa DelaRosa, and The Water Casita, both designed by Theresa, work in harmony with nature.

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Picture yourself in an open air lounge, enveloped by the sights and sounds of the jungle - exotic birds flitting among the treetops, colorful butterflies dancing through the air... We are meant to live in nature every day, as we grow our own food, create art, savor ourselves and connect with those around us.

This retreat was born as a model for sustainability and self-care with
support of the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. The jungle is continually shedding, renewed by the four elements, and provides its own safe space of hospitality and spirituality conducive to reflection, healing and nurturing on all levels.

If you are looking for a place to reflect, release and renew, The Water Casita is such a place.

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At this intimate resort with rustic-chic accommodations adorned with local artwork and natural textures, you'll find yourself seamlessly woven into the fabric of the jungle.

This adorable bungalow is situated just beyond the garden with a private outdoor shower, screened in porch, lofted bed and pull-out futon.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil pool, or grab your yoga mat and meditate anywhere you choose on the wrap-around porch as you listen to toucans, catch glimpses of humming birds or realize that stillness really does exist.

Refrigerator, microwave and hotplate provided. Grocery stores, restaurants can be found nearby.

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This resort offers more than just a place to lay your head - it offers to gateway to unforgettable experiences and adventures.

  • savor daily breakfast with fresh fruit from the gardens
  • enjoy a welcome dinner and fire ceremony with Connie and Theresa when you arrive
  • visit cenotes
  • go to the Caribbean beach at Puerto Morelos
  • receive a variety of healing modalities and massages
  • simply relax and enjoy the peace of the jungle
  • have a farewell with a dinner and closing ceremony at Casa DelaRosa and The Four Elements, until we meet again.

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    Imagine a hidden gem nested between the captivating jungle and the shimmering ocean... just a short 30-minute drive away from Puerto Morelos, a quaint fishing village offering a glimpse into a local way of life. The combination of the jungle's wild beauty, the ocean and the village's authentic charm is truly unique.

    Upcoming Akumal Retreat

    Join us to Create and Document Your Legacy!
    When: February 8-15, 2025

    Where: Akumal, Mexico
    Cost: $2,988.

    Deposit to hold your spot: $800

    Additional $1,000 due on September 8, 2024
    Remaining $1188 due on November 8, 2024

    Calling All Crones !

    Sharing your story is a radical act.

    Leaving it for your loved ones is a gift and a blessing.

    Join us in Akumal February 8-15, 2025 To Create & Document YOUR Legacy !

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